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The sound of East Speaks West, WEst speaks east

Listen to our student members taking the plunge in getting to know an Asian or a Eruropean language.  Join these students in their journey in getting to know the rhythm and sound of the language or languages they are interested in. 

Our student members have first  translated and recorded the fairytales in their own language for their counterparts as required in the 1st phase of the project: Language Material Production. . Scripts and audiofiles are featured in the respective classes or visit our library. The audio files fall  under "ESWWSE Digital Fairy Tales" category.  The audio recordings of the fairy tales of our student learners below is a requirement in the 2nd phase of the project; Language Learning Phase. This is followed or higlighted by a play of the same. You can find the videos under Videos.

the private english language secondary school "chelopech"

This is a recording of our student members of  The Private English Language Secondary School "Chelopech". They have opted to try Hindi. According to their teacher Ms Dimitrinka Arnaudova, the recording was very funny and the students had their share of fun trying to record in Hindi. 

Enjoy listening!

The Private English Language Secondary School Chelopech. Bulgaria Cinderella Hindi.mp3

Hope Academy of rizal

This is a the first recording of Aschenputtel (Cinderella) in German of our  student members of Hope Academy of Rizal. This is their first try after 15 hours of working intensively with German. These students have no backrground or prior knowledge  of the language in the past. 

Hope Academy German 1.mp3

Hope Academy German 2.mp3

Hope Academy German 3.mp3

Hope Academy German 4.mp3

Hope Academy German 5.mp3

apeejay school, india

The following are the audio recording of our student members from Apeejay School , India. They have produced the audio recording before performing the play of Aschenputtel (Cinderella) in German.

 Aschenputtel recording.mp3       Shivali Goel 

 ASCHENPUTTEL.mp3     Suruchi Chopra


Mongolian speaking German 

This is Mr Nyamdavaa Khatanbaatar on his first try in recording Aschenputtel ( Cinderella) in German. Listen to it. script and recording/1a.wma

First recording                                                                                                                                                                                                         script and recording/1b.wma

 Second recording script and recording/1c.wma

 Third recording script and recording/1d.wma

 Fourth Recording                                                                              

Tengku Muhammad Faris Petra Science Secondary School

There is nothing more rewarding than students who try very hard to overcome their shyness and reservations towards a language which sounds too foreign to them. Our Malaysian members did exactly that and gave it a try. It reminds me of my adult students in the past who really took a lot of time to give it a try in conversing with me in Tagalog the first time. This is a very good try and I hope that they would take the plunge and have the courage to produce the play of Aschenputtel (Cinderella). 

Schneewittchen und die sieben zwerge  - snow white  in german

European and Asian students teaching and learning from each other. Rediscovering the "wheel" of language learning: ASSIMILATION - listening, repetition and immersion. Then bringing this forward into the present thereby injecting ICT tools in discovering a method which is designed and fitted for today's learners. A reflection would take place during the assimilation whereby the learners would be able to discover cultural similarities and differences through the language. 

 To help you understand our project pedagogy, kindly watch the Youtube videos showing you a play of Snow White in German performed  by our project members from India. Take time to watch, listen and get to know our projects. 

My deepest thanks and appreciation to Mrs Geeta Rajan and Khomal Ghai, for all students who participated on stage  and back stage and to Sanchit Goyal for the tech support.

And here are the slides of the production:


GerMAN students Speaking in  tagalog 

Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs in Tagalog recorded by German pupils/students.

Lars Pauli Tagalog.mp3   This is a recording of Lars Pantenburg and Paulina Pfeifer.

Freddy Tagalog 1.mp3  This is the 1st of the series of the recording of Friederike Wolff.

Freddy Tagalog 2.mp3   This is the 2nd of the series of the recording of Friederike Wolff

tagalog snow white scene 3.mp3 This is the first series of Tagalog  recording of Friederike Wolff and Christopher Holzem

 tagalog snow white scene 4.mp3   This is the 2nd of a series of Tagalog recording of F. Wolff and C. Holzem.

tagalog snow white scene 5.mp3     This is a recording of Snow White of Friederike Wolff

Jana Pauli 7-15 Tagalog.mp3  A recording of Jana Karst and Paulina Pfeifer.



Filipino Students Speaking in German 

 Snow White German WEB.wma   This is a group recording of the German version of Snow White and the       Seven Dwarfs. The student members of Jose Panganiban National High                                                                             School recorded the whole script  of the fairytale

Students From india speaking german

These are the recordings of our students from India, St Marks Girls School. The following recordings were made by Dimple and Tashleen.



 I would like to  congratulate both Dimple and Tashleen for this recording. The pronunciation is very good considering that they have just listened to the recording and record themselves. Once more, it has been proven that students could really learn a lot. It was very exciting to listen to them. It must be pointed out that these students were reading the script with all the pauses, stress and intonation which really come close. Of course, there are some pronunciation points which must be polished. But in no time, being a teacher of languages for a very long time, these two students are really very promising. As I have said, please try to find time to give your best in learning German because the potential is there. Our student members from Germany are on holidays so they can't furnish a comment at the moment. Sure enough, they would love to listen to you. They are always excited to listen to their recording being spoken by other student members.  Kindly finish the recording! We are very much willing here in Germany to sit one on one with you online. Let us Web tools work for us. They are all there for our taking!

 My warmest regards,

Mrs Wolff 


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